This Game Boy-styled MagSafe stand just tickled my retro-gaming synapse – now all I need is a matching controller for Nintendo emulators


I do like a wireless charger but I’ve never been too fussed about checking out MagSafe for iPhones… until now.

That’s because gaming brand Elgato has come up with the MagSafe MS W5 Charging Stand. Ignore the clunky name that feels like an errant cat has wandered over a keyboard, and focus on the fact that this MagSafe charger stand is styled after a Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP – aka the most stylish handheld games console (sorry, PS Vita fans). 

And, my oh my do I want one. 

an image of the Elago MagSafe MS W5 Charging Stand

(Image credit: Elago)

This is in spite of the charging stand being basically a hunk of stylized plastic that can’t fold shut, does not have a functioning button and does nothing other than hold up a MagSafe-compatible iPhone. Sure it’ll facilitate the StandBy mode brought in by the iPhone 14 series and featured on the iPhone 15 quartet, but it won’t really do a whole lot else.

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