‘9th Dawn Remake’ Is a Complete Re-Imagining of the Original Game From Valorware, Hopefully Will Launch on Mobile As Well – TouchArcade


We love developer Valorware and the 9th Dawn series as you can tell from our reviews. Earlier today, developer Valorware announced 9th Dawn Remake, a complete re-imagining of the original game, in development for Steam. 9th Dawn Remake includes 45 dungeons that can be explored in a top down or fiest person view, crafting, raising pets, a deck-building card game, loads of side quests, and more. 9th Dawn Remake also features a re-written story aiming to be more action-packed than ever before. Right now, 9th Dawn II and 9th Dawn III ($4.99) are available on mobile, and Valorware is hoping to bring 9th Dawn Remake to mobile as well as other major platforms as per responses to YouTube comments and Tweets. It would be great to have the full trilogy on modern mobile platforms and Steam in the future. Watch the 9th Dawn Remake teaser trailer below:

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As of now, a 9th Dawn Remake release date hasn’t been announced, but you can wishlist it on Steam here. the 9th Dawn Remake Steam page also has more screenshots of the game. Ahead of 9th Dawn Remake releasing (and hopefully hitting mobile), you can grab 9th Dawn II ($1.99) (review here) and 9th Dawn III on the App Store or on Steam. 9th Dawn III is half off to celebrate this announcement on iOS, Steam, and more. I’m looking forward to seeing more of 9th Dawn Remake and will definitely be playing it on Steam Deck if it isn’t on iPad day one. Since we now cover Steam Deck as well as Switch and mobile, I’m glad we will still be able to cover games like this and then revisit them when potential mobile ports happen. Have you played 9th Dawn III yet and what do you think of 9th Dawn Remake so far?

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