Coinbase Launches Pepe and WIF Perpetual Futures


Coinbase launches Pepe and WIF perpetual futures

Coinbase recently announced the release of Pepe ($PEPE) and DogWifHat ($WIF) perpetual futures, making the dreams of meme coin enthusiasts come true.

This move will expand the platform’s derivatives market and bring significant investor interest in the two meme coins. Both have performed excellently in the past week, showing bullish sentiment.

Pepe increased by 54% and DogWifHat by 28.58% in the last week.

PEPE and WIF 7-day price performance

At this rate, the two coins may soon get a spot position on Coinbase, which could further drive their price upward.  If the positive trend continues, $PEPE might lose another zero, and $WIF may pass the $3 mark.

The built-in leverage of perpetual futures is high risk and high reward, but the prospect of making passive income without buying or selling tokens is very attractive.

Two other meme coins might be next on Coinbase’s perpetual futures market. One raised over $10.7M in presale, and the other grew by 7,000% in the past year.

Let’s discuss these two projects below.

Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE) – Valued at $0.0003 with Upcoming CEX Listing

Dogeverse is the first multichain meme coin in the world. It launched on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Base. Solana should launch in the coming weeks.

According to the whitepaper, the project is working with Portal Bridge and Wormhole technologies to bring multichain functionality, which means:

  • Better trading experience thanks to faster speeds and lower costs
  • Smooth inter-chain navigation and interoperability
  • Excellent flexibility on six major blockchains
  • An inclusive ecosystem accessible to all investors

$DOGEVERSE is currently valued at $0.000301, has raised over $10.7M and is quickly heading toward CEX listing. The project is in the last roadmap phase, and based on current investor interest, it might be the next meme coin to launch on Coinbase.

In the last two days, investors have bought $89,798 and staked $12,784 worth of $DOGEVERSE, a total of $102,582.

Diverse transactions in the last 46 hours

If the project becomes one of the new Coinbase listings on perpetual futures, it will allow investors to develop long-term trading strategies, given these contracts do not expire.

Investors who buy Dogeverse can stake it immediately with a 103% rewards rate. So far, holders have staked over 15.5B tokens. The project’s tokenomics show a 20B allocation for staking, so early investors will receive long-term passive income.

Visit the official presale website to learn more about the project and see if it’s a worthwhile investment.

CatCoin ($CAT) – Increased By 7,000% Year-to-Year

CatCoin has already been listed on MEXC and has a trading volume of $41M in the last 24 hours. The feline token calls itself ‘the most memeable meme coin on the blockchain,’ as it gathered over 85,000 followers on X (more than DogWifHat).

The project has also surpassed $34M in market cap and is currently trading at $0.000000000589, a 7,000% increase in the last year and a historical 13,800% growth.

The last month shows a 50% downtrend, but based on community sentiment, $CAT might recoup its losses and head for a $100M market cap next.

CatCoin 1-month price performance

CatCoin has a total supply of 50 quadrillion tokens, and its liquidity is locked. This means the project burns all liquidity tokens and renounces the contract ownership, making CatCoin a community project with a long-term vision.

Based on Pepe’s and DogWifHat’s price bumps, if CatCoin launches on Coinbase’s perpetual futures, we could see significant buyer interest and a bullish season for it.

$CAT currently trades on DEXs like Raydium, Uniswap and PancakeSwap, and two CEXs: MEXC and SecondBTC.

To Summarize

Pepe’s and WIF’s launch as perpetual futures on Coinbase signifies a fresh start for meme coins, reigniting buyer interest and bringing the projects into the spotlight.

The same could be said for Dogeverse and CatCoin, if they’re listed on perpetual futures. Contracts with no expiration dates and the flexibility of trading perpetual futures appeal to crypto enthusiasts and investors.

However, this derivative market is precarious and complex, demanding a solid knowledge of market conditions and performance patterns. We recommend you DYOR extensively before engaging with perpetual futures or buying meme coins.

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