Daisy Duck and Oswald the Rabbit joining Disney Dreamlight Valley soon


Disney Dreamlight Valley is stuffing the glitter cannons and oiling its gates as it readies to welcome two new guests, with Daisy Duck and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit both now confirmed to be joining the exuberant village life sim next Wednesday, 1st May.

Daisy arrives as part of the free Thrills and Frills update for all base game owners, and will be indulging her entrepreneurial spirit as the manager of the valley’s new boutique store. This’ll serve as a place for players to display their custom-designed Touch of Magic items, and a means for visiting friends to acquire those designs for themselves. Additionally, Daisy will set weekly design challenges, unlocking boutique awards including new Touch of Magic items.

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Thrills and Frills is also set to feature a variety of quality of life updates, including enhancements to the camera tool. Players will, for instance, be able to take photos while perched on any of the Disney rides they’ve placed around their village. And speaking of rides, Thrills and Frills’ new battle-pass-style Star Path promises more Disney park content, seemingly including – based on a glimpse in today’s developer video – an Aladdin-themed flying carpet ride.

Disney Dreamlight Valley developer update.Watch on YouTube

That’s everything for the base game (until next week’s full patch notes, at least), but Gameloft Montreal has also confirmed Dreamlight Valley’s A Rift in Time paid expansion will get the second of three promised story acts when Thrills and Frills arrives.

Act 2, officially known as The Spark of Imagination, brings “new adventures and puzzles” to Eternity Isle – including new challenges in the ancient ruins – and there’s talk of new rewards for those that level up their Royal Hourglass, including what looks like a Ratatouille-themed French metro entrance.

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It also sees Oswald the Rabbit arriving as a new resident, with Gameloft saying to expect “fun homages to the silent film era” as his quest line unfolds. Oswald’s house, for instance, is inspired by an old-time movie theatre, and his presence will have other unusual effects, such as turning some of the local fauna black and white.

The Spark of Imagination arrives alongside the Thrills and Frills update on all platforms next Wednesday, 1st May, and comes ahead of two more updates so far confirmed for 2024 – with Gameloft’s previous roadmap suggesting a new Milan-inspired Realm will arrive in “late spring”, while Tiana from The Princess and the Frog is due this summer.

As for what comes next, that’s yet to be revealed – but the Disney Dreamlight Valley team will have its hands full seeing as it’s also working on a Dungeons & Dragons game promising co-op adventures, real-time action and survival, plus an “unforgiving” campaign.

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