Helldivers 2 studio is apparently teasing two new Stratagem codes


Helldivers 2 players just managed to eke out a victory following their most grueling Major Order yet. And what is their reward? Hopefully more than a two-minute break this time. But it also looks like the Helldivers 2 studio is teasing two new Stratagem codes, giving players a second wind.

The potential new codes were shown off over at the official Helldivers 2 account on X (blah, Twitter). Developer Arrowhead Games’ message alongside the codes reads: “This is Managed Democracy manifest.” It seems Helldivers may have a choice to make, considering the team paired the line with the ol’ ‘Daily Struggle/Two Buttons‘ meme:

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Two new Stratagems are probably coming to Helldivers 2, and players are trying to figure them out

Helldivers 2 players have been frantically speculating just what kind of Stratagems the new codes may represent. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, neither are Stratagems available in Helldivers 2 or the original game. So, what are they, exactly? At least one person in the X thread is asking for the return of Helldivers 1‘s Heavy Airstrike, while others are thinking the codes may belong to a new backpack or mines Stratagem. I have some thoughts on this, as well.

In Helldivers 2, Stratagem types all begin with the same first arrow input. For example, Support Weapons and Backpack Stratagems begin with the down arrow. So too do Defensive Stratagems such as sentries. Orbital Stratagems begin with an arrow pointing right, however, while Eagle Stratagems start with an up arrow. You can see some examples in our Stratagem Tier List.

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What could the new Stratagems be?

Both of the supposedly new Stratagem codes begin with a downward-pointing arrow. This suggests that they’re either a Supply or Defensive Stratagem. The longer code points down and then up, which is indicative of Backpack Stratagems like Shield Generator and Jump Pack.

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But the other code is shorter, with a second arrow that points left. This has led some to believe it’ll be another Defensive Stratagem. It could actually be mines, as some have suggested, since both Minefields require codes that point down and then left.

Regardless, it’s exciting to get new stuff. It hasn’t been long since players got new toys with the Democratic Detonation Warbond, but there’s no reason to turn down even more ways to splatter bugs and bots. But maybe after a short break, okay?

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