HS Cheerleader Loses Valedictorian Status over GPA ‘Miscalculation’


A cheerleader at a high school in Texas lost her valedictorian title, risking a potential scholarship, over a miscalculation with her grade point average (GPA).

This past March, Blue Ridge High School in Northeast Texas named senior Maya Veliz as its 2024 valedictorian only to rescind the title just weeks before graduation because “an error involving transfer credits from another school had dropped her GPA ranking to third in the class,” according to the New York Post.

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Veliz told local reporters that valedictorian had been the “one goal I set myself for the beginning of my freshman year.” As a star cheerleader, Veliz was also recognized by the College Board National Hispanic Recognition Program.

Administrators with the school reportedly told Veliz she had been well on track to earn the title, and her parents had prepared for the moment. She even wrote her speech, and family members outside of the country had purchased plane tickets to see her speak.

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“To hear those words not even 30 days before graduation was gut-wrenching,” she said.

The miscalculation occurred because Veliz had been taking dual “credits and AP honors throughout high school, had transferred from a school in Frisco in 2022 as a junior and some of the classes offered at her former institute weren’t offered at Blue Ridge High,” according to the NY Post.

“The credits Veliz earned at her previous school were not weighed under the district’s transfer policy that’s been in place for seven years,” the Post added.

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The school district said it reviewed her grades in compliance with state law.

“Blue Ridge ISD has investigated this private student matter and communicated with the parents. The district reviews academic achievement, grade calculations, and class rank during this time period each year in accordance with applicable state law and board policies EIC and EIC Local,” a district spokesperson told reporters.

“Miscalculations were originally made when finalizing GPA and Class Rank; then corrected to ensure compliance with both of those board policies.  All students affected have been notified. And in addition, plans have been initiated to ensure that a mistake like this does not take place in the future,”

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Regardless, Veliz and her family are devastated.

“This affects my future,” she said. “And I do not wish that upon anyone else.”

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