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We’ve written quite a bit about ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ here at Twtichy since it exploded in school libraries a few years ago. The practice is, not to put too fine a point on it, abhorrent and abusive to children. The men whose fetish is to dress up as women and prey upon young kids are matched in their degeneracy only by the parents who would subject their children to this brainwashing. 

But honestly, we thought these types of events couldn’t get any worse than they already were. We thought we’d seen everything.

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Boy, were we wrong about that. 

This week, in Connecticut, a group known as Valley Families for Palestine hosted a drag storytime event for children and we are almost (almost, mind you) at a loss for words at what took place. We’re just going to let you see for yourself. Watch: 

Un. Be. Lievable. 

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Not only are children being indoctrinated into ‘queer theory’ at drag queen story hours, but now they are being taught to repeat pro-Hamas mantras. We’ve seen this type of thing before. In Gaza, actually, where children are regularly taught in schools about hating Jews and they put on plays where they murder them in cold blood. 

Israeli author Hen Mazzig, who posted the original video, asked how long it would be until such playacting comes to the United States.  

If you consider U.S. college campuses to be what they basically are these days — high-priced daycare centers for overprivileged young people — they’re already being taught that today. 

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The answer is, ‘all of the above.’

According to Stephen Crowder, the ‘performer’ here is a drag queen known as ‘Lil Miss Hot Mess’ (how appropriate) and his song implies that all of the children he is singing to are drag queens in waiting themselves. The book he was reading to the children is called The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish. And Valley Families for Palestine confirmed it on their Instagram account. 

How any of these topics are remotely appropriate for children is beyond reason. Except if you consider that the only goal that drag queen story hours ever had is indoctrination. In that context, it makes perfect sense that drag queens would use this opportunity to try to indoctrinate kids in any number of Marxist ideologies, including teaching them to say things like ‘Free Palestine.’ NO subject is off limits. 

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The irony of this revolting spectacle, of course, was not lost on Twitter. 

Yeah, we know why. 

Heck, we’ll buy the plane tickets. Something tells us we wouldn’t have to pay for a return flight. 

Sixty seconds … if they’re lucky. 

But these performers and organizations know this. That is why they do it here. 

Can we stop asking Siri questions like this? That’d be super. 

Ya think? 

As we said previously, the complicit parents are just as guilty as ‘Lil Miss Hot Mess.’ They should all be investigated by social services. This is the polar opposite of the primary responsibility of any parent: protecting your children from harm. 

We’re right there with you. 

‘Funny’ probably isn’t the word we would use, although it certainly is the theater of the absurd. 

‘Evil’ seems like a much more appropriate adjective here. Or perhaps this one … 

It is an insane world we live in. 

But that is the goal of queer theorists and Marxists — who this video shows, beyond any doubt, are one and the same). Make everything insane, destroy all norms, all tradition, and all decency. 

They’re not hiding it anymore. They’re not even trying to hide it. They were always after the children. 

It is our job to stand in the way. 

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