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If you need a hearing aid, you’re going to love the OTC hearing aid sale going on at Crutchfield right now. Currently, you can buy a pair for as little as just $80 with up to $500 to be saved on select models. With 15 models in the sale, we recommend you click the button below to see what’s on sale for yourself. But you can also read on while we highlight some of our favorite hearing aid deals. Don’t delay as the deals are unlikely to stick around for long.

What to shop for in the Crutchfield hearing aid sale

With some of the best OTC hearing aids including models from Lexie, go straight for the . It’s currently $799 instead of $849. It has a slim, visually discreet profile with a behind-the-ear fit style. A built-in feedback management system helps reduce high-pitched feedback while there’s a noise reduction circuit which decreases the volume of constant background sounds such as vacuum cleaners or A/C units. It also has level-dependent gain and compression which keeps loud noises from becoming too loud during conversations. The app also provides bass and treble controls along with left/right balance adjustments, and directional focus modes. It’s a really well-rounded hearing aid.

If you’ve been reading up on how to buy over-the-counter hearing aids and worked out an inexpensive solution will suffice, consider the for $80 instead of $180. It has a modern ear bud appearance with 16-channel sound processing for great sound quality. It has three pre-programmed environment modes including an indoor mode for blocking out low-level sounds, while there’s an outdoor mode for quietening the outside, and a normal mode for general noise rejection. There’s also built-in Bluetooth for music streaming or hands-free calling.

For the biggest discount, check out the for $1,000 instead of $1,500. It has intelligent scene detection which adjust the hearing aids to match your environment, built-in Bluetooth, along with speech enhancement to help you hear someone more clearly. Sennheiser is well known for great sound quality so you know what to expect here.

We’ve picked out just a few of the OTC hearing aids on sale at Crutchfield right now. There are many more so it’s worth taking a look for yourself to see what fits your needs and budget. There’s sure to be something that is perfect for your situation.

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