Solana’s Wealth-Promising Meme Coin Raises $15M+ Near Listing



Solana meme coins have brought significant gains to investors in past months. For example, Smog increased by 620% in only one month after listing, from $0.04843 to $0.3489.

DogWifHat, Bonk, and BOME have also performed well in the past week, with the first valued at $2.97 on CoinGecko and BONK increasing by 51%.

Smog one month price performance after launch

Solana also grew by 15.56% in the last seven days and now has a market cap of $68.9B.

Now, another Solana meme coin is making waves. It’s raised $15M+ in presale in less than a month and is nearing the exchange listing date. 

The project has received a lot of attention lately, and factoring in the community sentiment on X, we might be looking at the next Smog or Bonk. And rumors claim that the founders of SMOG are also behind Slothana.

Let’s discuss the meme coin below and see why investors are crowding to it.

Slothana ($SLOTH) – Outperformed $BOME and SLERF

Slothana started its presale last month and raised over $500K within hours of going live and is scheduled to list on exchanges on April 29.

In the last two hours, there were $SLOTH transactions worth $339,360 across holder wallets. Investors also bought over $8,900 in the last hour.

Slothana transactions in the last two hours

This shows significant investor interest and activity, which could lead to a successful launch on exchanges in five days.

The project claims to make millionaires out of the initial investors, which could be a real possibility with enough community support. After all, $SLOTH outperformed both SLERF and SMOG by raising $15M during the presale.

Solana has also performed exceptionally in the six months between October and March 2024, growing by 425.81% from $35.02 to $202.65. After a drop to $136.19, it bounced back to $154.10 following the Bitcoin halving.

Solana performance in six months

While the project has no roadmap or tokenomics, this hasn’t abated the project’s growing community support. Slothana’s X channel has over 23,600 followers, with more joining every day.

Slothana’s recent influx of investments could be due to hype and FOMO, but this is true for most meme coins, even successful ones like SMOG and DogWifHat.

Community sentiment plays a crucial role in driving these projects forward. Slothana is also doing a great job engaging with its community and encouraging potential investors to buy $SLOTH.

💰 One $SLOTH is currently worth 0.0001 SOL (~$0.0154).

Visit the official presale website to learn more about the meme coin and get your $SLOTH before it goes live on April 29.

Beyond the Horizon

Slothana’s presale performance is looking strong. With $15M raised, it outclassed other successful Solana meme coins. The crypto market is also in an upward trend after the Bitcoin halving.

While this doesn’t guarantee Slothana’s success post-listing, it gives investors more reasons to invest and drive the momentum forward.

However, presale meme coins are risky investments, so you should DYOR and invest responsibly. It’s important to have an investment strategy and not rely on hype and FOMO.

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