Will Republicans Find Consensus on Abortion Politics?


After Arizona’s highest court reinstated a 160-year-old abortion ban on Tuesday, criticism of the decision poured in from both Democrats and Republicans. Former President Donald Trump also announced this week that he opposes a national abortion ban, leaving Republicans––in Arizona and across the country––to publicly contend with their stance on the issue.

Meanwhile, the future of Republican governing remains unclear as the party seeks to be in power in the White House and Congress. Speaker Mike Johnson will now meet Trump in Florida today, amid growing opposition to him from fellow right-wing lawmakers, as well as clashes this week over the renewal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and Ukraine aid.

Joining the Atlantic staff writer and guest moderator Franklin Foer to discuss this and more are Lisa Desjardins, Congressional Correspondent, PBS NewsHour; Susan Glasser, a staff writer for The New Yorker; Ryan Lizza, the chief Washington correspondent at Politico and a co-author of Playbook; and Domenico Montanaro, a senior political editor and correspondent at NPR.

Watch the full episode and read the transcript here.

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