Across the Finish Line! Citizen Science Month Final Days.


You did it! As of April 26, you’ve completed 1,024,319 acts of science, with four days still to go! But even though we’ve reached our target and April ends next week, we’re not skimping on fun citizen science activities! We’re focusing on medicine and public health, along with a big One Million Acts of Science Celebration.

April 28: Help the Girl Scouts fight Alzheimer’s Disease!

For the month of April, Girl Scouts Overseas is playing Stall Catchers to fight Alzheimer’s Disease and you can help. (Credit: Girl Scouts/ Girl Scouts Overseas)

Stall Catchers is a game you play online, advancing Alzheimer’s Disease research by looking for blood vessel blockages in short video clips. Join Girl Scouts Overseas in their Stall Catcher’s Catchathon to fight this devastating illness!

April 29: City Nature Challenge ID days

The City Nature Challenge moves into its final days, with species identification commencing on April 30 and the final tally announced on May 6 (Credit: City Nature Challenge)

The City Nature Challenge observation days end on April 29th, and identification days begin on the 30th and end on May 5th. Go to City Nature Challenge, find your city and add observations until the 29th. If you are able to help ID species, go to iNaturalist starting on April 30th, log in or sign up, search City Nature Challenge 2024 (your city) and pitch in! Results will be announced May 6th.

April 29: Genes and Journeys

The All of Us program seeks to make medical research reflect our diverse population (Credit: All of Us)

Join All of Us California, SciStarter, and the Network of the National Library of Medicine for an event where we take a deep dive into the future of healthcare and accessibility. Limited space – reserve your spot before it’s too late!

April 30: Report your acts of science

It’s the last day to join citizen scientists from all over the world, including this group in Thailand, by contributing your Citizen Science Month acts of science. (Credit: Darlene Cavalier)

Facilitators: tell us about how many people joined your event! Participants: tell us about all your contributions to science research! Everyone: Marvel at how much we’ve accomplished together in just 30 days!

April 30: One Million Acts Grand Finale

Together, we met the challenge of contributing over one million acts of science in one month. (Credit: Kevin Ripka/Philip Moskov/SciStarter)

Wrap up the month with us as we celebrate the culmination of Citizen Science Month, reflecting on our journey to achieve one million acts of science and exploring the diverse projects and participants from around the globe.

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