Before Your Eyes devs form new studio Nice Dream Games


Some of the developers behind the BAFTA-winning Before Your Eyes have banded together to form a new studio, Nice Dream Games, and are working on a spiritual successor to the blink-controlled title.

Los Angeles-based Nice Dream Games was founded by Before Your Eyes game director Oliver Lewin and writer Graham Parkes, with several members of the original team joining the two childhood friends at their new company.

Their debut game will be Goodnight Universe, a narrative adventure in which you play a six-month-old baby developing psychic abilities. Like the team’s previous title, this will be published by Skybound Games.

Building on the success of the blink-tracking controls for Before Your Eyes, Goodnight Universe will also have a face-tracking mode.

“The success of Before Your Eyes showed us that there is an audience of like-minded people out there who seek out games to emotionally engage them in ways other mediums simply can’t,” said Parkes. “We founded Nice Dream Games to continue to make games for that audience, which push the limits of what interactive storytelling can do.”

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