Jason Kelce Says He Doesn’t Like To Wear Underwear


Everybody’s talking about Taylor Swift’s Tortured Poets Department, but I’m stuck on the inspiration behind “The Alchemy” and his older brother’s hilarious podcast.

On the April 17 episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, the NFL stars and brothers were discussing their show’s sponsors when Jason revealed an intimate detail about his undergarment preferences.

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Travis mentioned that Tommy John Underwear claimed they had “the most comfortable underwear out there” and decided that Jason should be the deciding factor in the statement.

“As I have said on this show, I do not wear underwear,” Jason said. “And I don’t wear underwear based on comfort.”

“The reason I don’t wear underwear is because I find it unnecessary and problematic to the freedom that my boys like to enjoy. I guess I don’t think that’s going to change,” he added.

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Travis couldn’t leave the conversation there and asked, “What situation do you actually wear underwear?”

Jason responded, “Every time I’m working out. If I’m doing something physical — my thighs chafe, so I do have to wear compression shorts.”

The best part is Travis’s creepy, deep voice as he attempted to finish Jason’s sentence about whether or not he would enjoy trying out the new underwear.

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Jason told the audience to stay tuned to see if the company could deliver the proper feel, but he couldn’t finish his sentence. So, Travis quietly interjected, “Your cajones.”

And then Travis whispered, “Your junk.”

And thankfully, Jason finally got the words out, saying, “Deliver the proper feel to the nether region.”

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Based on Jason’s TMI, it seems safe to assume that Jason was wearing at least compression shorts when the Philadelphia Eagles played the Arizona Cardinals in 2023:

At WrestleMania 40, maybe he had some spanks underneath.

But here on SNL, he was most likely flying free as a bird.

Listen to the full episode of New Heights to catch all the witty banter and antics of the Kelce brothers.

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