Nintendo Switch 2 report details magnetic Joy-Con, Pro Controller compatibility


Switch 2 will feature Joy-Con controllers that connect to the main console using magnets, a new report suggests.

Citing sources from accessory manufacturers, Spanish site Vandal states that the Switch 2 Joy-Con will stick to the console itself magnetically, rather than use the fiddly rail system of the current Switch and Switch OLED.

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Vandal previously reported correctly on various features of the Switch OLED before its unveiling, again based on information from accessory manufacturers, who are typically given early access to under-wraps hardware by console makers.

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The report states that the Switch 2, and therefore its new Joy-Con, are larger than the current Switch models – though not as large as the Steam Deck. This tallies with previous reporting on the Switch 2’s larger eight-inch screen size.

One other interesting point of note: Switch 2 will, Vandal says, be compatible with current Switch Pro controllers. (Whether it will be compatible at all with current Joy-Con, however, is unknown.)

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Eurogamer sources previously confirmed that Switch 2 will launch in 2025 – and while this makes it still early for accessory manufacturers to have had eyes on the device, our understanding is that Switch 2 was previously due to arrive later in 2024.

Nintendo has opted for a 2025 launch instead to ensure the console arrives with a more robust software line-up, Eurogamer understands. Here’s hoping this extra time also allows for any new Joy-Con hiccups to be ironed out – and we avoid a repeat of the Joy-Con drift drama that has plagued the current Switch through its lifespan.

Eurogamer reported last summer that Nintendo had begun to demo Switch 2’s hardware capabilities to a number of developers. Earlier this year, a games industry survey suggested hundreds of development staff were now working on Switch 2 projects.

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