Super Dragon Punch Force 3 launches today on the App Store and Google Play


  • Super Dragon Punch Force 3, inspired by the movie Boy Kills World, releases today
  • Play it now on the iOS App Store and Google Play
  • Super Dragon Punch Force 3 is a 2.5D fighting game now in open beta

Super Dragon Punch Force 3, a new 2.5D action game from Talent Digital Arts, is set to release today for the iOS App Store and Google Play! Now you might be wondering what exactly happened to Super Dragon Punch Force 1 & 2. Well, they never happened, because they don’t exist. What? How? Alright, let’s explain.

Yes, surprisingly Super Dragon Punch Force 3 (try saying that three times fast) is a real game, but based on a fictional franchise. Inspired by a background appearance in the recently-released movie Boy Kills World, in which the game pops up in the background, Super Dragon Punch Force 3 defictionalises the game as a 2.5D fighter.

Launching today with an initial roster of eight characters, Super Dragon Punch Force 3 lets you duke it out with the computer or against your friends in PvE and PvP. No word yet on crossplay, but a host of adjustable settings should let you play SDPF3 on a variety of even low-end devices.

Fist meets face


It’s not unusual for a game to be ‘defictionalized’ or to first appear as a background object only to become a tie-in or spin-off on its own. Bandersnatch, the Black Mirror spin-off special, on Netflix, received playable versions of the titular game to promote the show. However, whether or not SDPF3 is able to find an audience depends on whether it can resonate with hardcore fighting-game fans or a more casual audience, which are both equally difficult to grab.

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