The Future of the U.S.-Israel Relationship


President Joe Biden put Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on notice in their first call since Israeli strikes killed seven aid workers in Gaza. In a sharp shift, Biden told Netanyahu he wants to see an immediate cease-fire and warned that future U.S. military support now comes with conditions.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is also distancing himself from Netanyahu’s handling of the war. The former president hit the campaign trail on Tuesday for the first time in nearly three weeks, making stops in key swing states as a slew of new polls show that the race between Trump and Biden is neck and neck.

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Joining Franklin Foer, a staff writer at The Atlantic and the guest moderator, to discuss this and more are Peter Baker, the chief White House correspondent at The New York Times; Leigh Ann Caldwell, an anchor for Washington Post Live and a co-author of the Early 202 newsletter; Francesca Chambers, a White House correspondent for USA Today; and Nancy Youssef, a national-security correspondent for The Wall Street Journal.

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