Eric Barone quietly reveals new Stardew Valley update that’s a game changer for honey farming: “Life will never ‘bee’ the same”


Stardew Valley update 1.6.6 is officially here, and although creator Eric Barone says it’s “mostly bug fixes and translation changes,” there is a list of “balance and gameplay changes,” and among them is one that’s a pretty dang big deal for honey farming.

Right at the top of the official 1.6.6 patch notes is a change that reads: “Bee houses now work with flowers in garden pots.” It doesn’t sound like much at first glance, but well, there’s a reason the Stardew Valley community is wigging out over on Reddit and using pun-laden expressions of excitement like, “BEE HOUSES WORK WITH FLOWERS IN GARDEN POTS. LIFE (or at least SDV endgame) WILL NEVER ‘BEE’ THE SAME!!”

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