Getting a Handle on Fraction-to-Decimal Conversions


Probably the easiest way to converting a fraction to decimal is to use a calculator. Chances are, you have a calculator app on your phone, and if you don’t, you might still have a cheap calculator rattling around in a desk drawer.

Since you’re now aware that a fraction is a straightforward division problem, once you’ve got your calculator at the ready, you can complete the necessary steps.

Let’s start with 3/8. If you type “3 ÷ 8” into the calculator app, you’ll get the decimal form: 0.375.

One nifty thing about calculators is their ability to handle some very big (or very small) numbers with ease. If you wanted to do the fraction to decimal conversion of 45/72, you would find your answer an instant.

Simply type 45 ÷ 72, and you’ll get 0.625.

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