Jets, Packers complete Aaron Rodgers trade with 2024 NFL Draft trade to Saints


It has been a little over a year since the New York Jets traded for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, but if you ask a Jets fan, it has felt like a decade.

Unfortunately for the Jets, Rodgers only played a handful of moments in 2023 before suffering a season-ending injury. Outside of that 20-minute stretch, everything associated with him has been a bit tough to take, but the future is still sort of bright. Maybe.

As far as more important matters are concerned, we are finally at a place where we know exactly what the overall terms were of the trade between New York and the Green Bay Packers. Green Bay picked up a first-round pick last year during the trade (technically they just improved theirs) and stood to pick up one this year if Rodgers had met a certain playing time incentive. Obviously that did not happen.

Here is the full fallout of the deal between the Jets and Packers, following some more trades with those picks:

Jets received:

  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Packers’ 2023 first-round pick: Will McDonald IV
  • Packers’ 2023 fifth-round pick (Pick traded to Raiders)
  • Raiders 2023 sixth-round pick: Jarrick Bernard-Converse
  • Raiders’ 2023 seventh-round pick: Zack Kuntz

Packers received:

  • Jets’ 2023 first-round pick: Lukas Van Ness
  • Jets’ 2023 second-round pick: Luke Musgrave
  • Jets’ 2023 sixth-round pick: Anders Carlson
  • Jets’ 2024 second-round pick (Pick traded to the New Orleans Saints)
  • Saints’ 2024 second-round pick: Edgerrin Cooper
  • Saints’ 2024 fifth-round pick: Javon Solomon
  • Saints’ 2024 sixth-round pick: (Pick traded to the Philadelphia Eagles)

All told the Packers picked up three important players to their roster and then converted the final pick into even more capital. That is a solid day at work.

We can finally move on. Maybe Aaron Rodgers will at some point.

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