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One of the most wish-listed Steam releases of all time, Manor Lords, was released on April 26. Despite being an Early Access release, Manor Lords is relatively bug-free. However, there is one pesky bug some players are encountering in regards to how homelessness and housing work. Thankfully, we’ve managed to figure out a Manor Lords homelessness bug fix.

How to fix the homelessness bug in Manor Lords
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How to fix the homelessness bug in Manor Lords

If you are having a problem getting homelessness to go away in Manor Lords, despite having an available house for them to move into, here is how to fix the homelessness bug:

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  • Make sure you have an available home without an existing family for the homeless family to move into.
  • Do not upgrade your homeless camp into a worker’s camp until the homeless move into the home.
  • Save your game and then close Manor Lords and relaunch it. Load the save.
  • Wait a few minutes and the homeless should now move into a home.
  • Once all of the homeless have moved into homes, delete the homeless camp to prevent the bug from happening again.

This bug seems to resolve on its own after restarting the game client. However, it can still take some time for the actual Homelessness debuff to completely disappear. It should slowly go away over time, so keep checking on it.

If you’ve progressed a year since restarting and the homelessness still exists and yet they are all in homes, your actual save may be bugged. In this case, the only option is to start a completely new game from scratch. Make sure if you do this that you do not upgrade the homeless camp into a worker’s camp until you have made sure that all of the homeless have moved into a proper home that is connected to a road to prevent the homelessness bug from happening.

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