The New York Times EMBARRASSES Themselves in an Attempt to Cover for Lying Joe Biden – Twitchy


Thank goodness for conservative media to tell the truth about Joe Biden. Twitchy told you about all of Joe Biden’s flat out lies (yes, lies) while speaking with Howard Stern. That is in direct opposition to how ‘The New York Times‘ decided to cover it.

Stretching the truth? Is Joe Biden a small child? That is the only time it would be acceptable to be an apologist for lies. This is a grown man who runs (allegedly) the greatest country in the world and yet, he isn’t held to any standard of truth? Disgusting.

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To be fair, maybe he has dementia. If that is the case, he shouldn’t be President any longer.

Let’s call balls and strikes.


Just say ‘Joe Biden is a liar’. It is not that hard. 

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Let’s be real. Biden is lying about that, too.

Solidarity with Biden’s wacky son or something like that.

Exactly! Americans would absolutely have sympathy for a man losing his faculties at the end of his life if he didn’t have the power to end us all.

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Evidence he was a lying liar who lies long before he got this old.

Absolutely. Biden has been doing this for forty years. Stunning that politics is the one occupation he could have chosen where lying is beneficial and will likely help you rise to great success. Kudos to Biden for knowing his strengths.

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