Warframe’s Jade Shadow update is on its way, with a sneak-peek of Protea Prime


  • Warframe’s new cinematic update is debuting in June
  • Check out what’s coming in Jade Shadows as the Stalker returns
  • There’s new cosmetics, new TennoGen items, an exclusive look at Protea Prime and more!

Warframe, the hit action game from Digital Extremes, is set to introduce its new cinematic update Jade Shadow. It will introduce a new single-player narrative quest, along with a new mission type, ship cosmetic skin and Clan Operation. Stay tuned to the end of the article for an exclusive trailer showing off Protea Prime.

The Stalker is one of the most infamous characters in the Warframe universe. After the collapse of the Orokin empire, he swore revenge on the Tenno and the Warframes that led to its destruction. He was the main antagonist of the very first cinematic quest The Second Dream, and in Jade Shadows you’ll get to confront the Stalker once more. Duke it out, discover his secrets and encounter the 57th Warframe to be added, Jade.

Shadows of a Stalker


We don’t need to reiterate how Warframe’s long-awaited debut on mobile has led to us covering this long-running cult hit. So instead we’ll focus on everything that’s being added. In addition to the cinematic quest, you’ll also have access to a new mission type, Ascension, a new Clan Operation called Belly of the Beast, and finally the new Warframe Jade.

Additionally, you can commemorate your worthy foe with a Stalker-themed ship skin set to debut with the new update coming this June, and check out new TennoGen item bundles being added.

And that’s not all! Tennocon 2024 is right around the corner, promising new looks at the Warframe: 1999 spin-off, and an exclusive 1999-themed celebration for lucky fans.

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