17 May Birth Flower Tattoos


What better way to celebrate the blossoming beauty of spring than with a May birth flower tattoo? In recent years, birth flower tattoos have garnered much adoration from tattoo lovers worldwide, much like astrology tattoos. They are an excellent option for those seeking a personalized design. For individuals born in May, the lily of the valley is the designated birth flower, with hawthorn blooms serving as the secondary alternative — each carrying its own rich symbolism and allure.

Symbolizing purity, sincerity, and a return to happiness, the sweetly-scented, delicate white bells of the lily of the valley blooms offer endless inspiration for those looking to commemorate their May birthdays with a timeless piece of body art. So, whether you’re a May baby looking to celebrate your special month or drawn to the rich symbolism behind this flower, a lily of the valley would translate into a perfect tattoo embodying positivity and joy.

Meanwhile, the hawthorn flower emulates love, hope, and protection. The white- and pink-hued blossoms have medicinal benefits, but many mythical lores add to their undeniable charm. According to ancient beliefs in many cultures, fairies reside under a hawthorn tree, bringing good fortune and prosperity to its nurturer. So, a hawthorn tattoo also doubles as a good luck charm.

From delicate wrist tattoos to intricate fine-line designs, there are countless irresistible tattoo options to channel your unique style and spirit through a May birth flower. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned tattoo enthusiast, we’ve rounded up a variety of unique and inspiring May birth flower tattoo ideas to help you find the perfect design of your dreams.

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