Jill Stein Arrested at Washington University Pro-Palestinian Protest


Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein was arrested with more than 100 others at an anti-Israel protest on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, her campaign said.

Stein, along with campaign managers Jason Call and Kelly Merrill-Cayer, were all arrested at the student-led encampment soon after the candidate recorded a video saying they were going to “stand here in line with the students who are standing up for democracy… human rights… to end genocide.”

Dramatic footage captured from the protest shows police officers using a bicycle as a barricade, roughly pushing up against Stein and other demonstrators, before leading her away. 

“The demand from the encampment was specifically for the university to divest from Boeing, which manufactures munitions used in the ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza at their nearby St Charles facility,” Call told Fox News. “The Stein campaign supports the demands of the students and their peaceful protest and assembly on campus. Student protest for peace and civil liberties has always represented the best part of our collective moral conscience. Solidarity.”

The outlet reported that “more than 100 people” were also arrested at Washington University, as many other similar demonstrations take place at other campuses around the country. 

The University of Texas at Austin suspended their student’s Palestine Solidarity Committee on Friday after several campus protests saw nearly 60 trespassing arrests last week, Breitbart News reported.

On Thursday, anti-Israeli protesters established an encampment at George Washington University (GWU), in Washington, DC.

The nationwide protests were mainly fueled by the major encampment at Columbia University in New York City, which canceled all in-person classes Monday after police arrested more than 100 pro-Palestinian demonstrators. 

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