Keith Olbermann Claims New York Times Has ‘Grudge Against Biden,’ Cancels Subscription


Keith Olbermann is fed up with the New York Times and their “grudge” against President Joe Biden and has retaliated by canceling his subscription to the leftist rag.

The former SportsCenter host decided to take screenshots and share them with his more than 984,000 followers on Friday.

In the field, asking for additional feedback, Olbermann elaborated: “AG Sulzberger’s grudge against Biden is intolerable and endangers democracy.”

Olbermann’s claim to have been a subscriber since 1969 is odd. Keith Theodore Olbermann is listed as having been born in New York City on January 27, 1959. Has he had a New York Times sub since he was ten years old? He may have written the wrong year, or a family member bought him a subscription.

But something is very off about his timeline in the X post.

In a video, the leftist agitator went into further detail about his grudge against Sulzberger. Olbermann seems particularly upset about a recent Politico article detailing the tension between the White House and the New York Times. A tension that the article claims has led to Sulzberger quietly giving consent to critical reporting of Biden’s age.

“It’s A.G.,” Olbermann read from the article. “He’s the one who is pissed [that] Biden hasn’t done any interviews and quietly encourages all the tough reporting on his age.”

Olbermann is well-known for lashing out at liberals who criticize Biden. After his return to The Daily Show, John Stewart roasted Biden for refusing to do a Super Bowl interview and opting to post social media videos instead.

“Well after nine years away, there’s nothing else to say to the bothsidesist fraud Jon Stewart bashing Biden, except: Please make it another nine years,” Olbermann wrote.

Olbermann also blasted CNN anchor Abby Phillip after she claimed that no one wanted Trump or Biden to be president.

“CNN has to address the reality that [Phillip] has been an absolute disaster and that this foot-in-mouth editorial is the first thing she’s gotten noticed for since her show debuted,” Olbermann wrote.

Olbermann is perhaps the most well-traveled person in the history of sports or political journalism. In his 30+ year career, he has worked for many networks. He now has a podcast.


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