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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are storming into a hail of gunfire on the beaches of Normandy, other times, they are just walking around college campuses with an American and Israeli flag, being a general pest to the hordes of smelly antisemitic protesters who are harassing Jewish students. (That is when they are not engaged in a performative interpretive dance about the plight of the Palestinians — who all voted for Hamas.)

One of our new favorite accounts on Twitter is The Flag Guy (@TheFlagGuy_) and he is most assuredly the latter type of hero. And we’re not being entirely facetious with our characterization of him as a hero. If you’ve seen what these protesters have done to some Jewish students, or anyone who disagrees with them, rest assured that it DOES take courage to walk around campuses proudly carrying both flags above your head.

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But The Flag Guy took it to another level recently on the campus of UCLA. He decided to bring a public address system with him and give everyone sleeping in the tents a nice, friendly wake-up call … at 4:30 in the morning. Watch: 


We’re not sure which part we like better, the Robin Williams Good Morning, Vietnam greeting, or the loud rooster crowing. The Robin Williams part is a nice touch since these horrible campers likely envision themselves as some kind of ’60s revolutionaries. But the rooster crowing is FAR more annoying. 

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Maybe the part we like best is him just shouting ‘WAKE UP, COMMIES’ to the encampment. 

Yeah. Yeah, that’s the best part. 

If you are wondering if the UCLA protesters deserve this, don’t. Here is an example of what they have done to Jewish students on campus:

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That is just abhorrent. And if that’s not bad enough, look at what they did to a Native American, a story Twitchy reported on earlier today.

So, yes. The protesters at UCLA absolutely deserve the wake-up call The Flag Guy gave them. (They also deserve to be prosecuted and expelled, but we’re not holding our breath for that.)

Unsurprisingly, Twitter wholeheartedly agreed. 

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The students could use a little military discipline in their lives. God knows, the school (and likely their parents) aren’t instilling any. 

We’ll throw in a steak dinner. Hell, we’ll throw in whatever seafood he likes for a little surf and turf. 

He’s going to be in high demand after this video went semi-viral on Twitter. Even better, maybe he will inspire more people to stop putting up with these encampments.

See what we mean? That tweet was in response to a protest at McGill University in Montreal.

We LOVE it. That makes this even better. 

HA. That would be ‘chef’s kiss’ perfection. Make it the USC marching band (like in The Naked Gun) just to add a little insult to injury for UCLA. 

Modern problems require modern solutions. 

The sprinkler system worked pretty well at Harvard. Just sayin’.

WAY LOUDER. All the way up to 11. 

It’s beautiful, like a Shakespeare sonnet. (We don’t imagine too many UCLA students know who Shakespeare is.)

But they do have flags. And a loudspeaker. 

Maybe he can mix it up once in a while. You know, throw in an 80’s horror movie bloodcurdling scream or the sound of the green flag dropping at the Daytona 500. 

Playing The Ride of the Valkyries would also work. 

It made our day too. 

Is The Flag Guy going to stop these protests with his pre-dawn alarm clock? No, probably not. But he might be able to weed out many of those who are just there for the social cachet. 

And even if he doesn’t, we here at Twitchy never underestimate the power of mockery (and the power of annoying horrible people).

So, yes. We’re comfortable calling The Flag Guy a hero. 

Maybe not the hero America needs, but definitely the hero that the UCLA protesters deserve.

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