Tom Holland Is Seeing ‘Challengers’ This Weekend Too


I can’t really explain it…I haven’t got the words…it’s a feelin’ that you can’t control.
Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Critics Choice

If you’re at the movie theater seeing Challengers this weekend as you should be, keep an eye out for Tom Holland. The former Billy Elliot took to Instagram to voice his support for the film, posting the official poster with the caption, “I know what I’m doing this weekend!” Sure, he might be going to support his Spider-Man costar-turned-girlfriend Zendaya, who leads and executive produced the film — but let’s not jump to conclusions. As the box office predictions suggest, you don’t have to be dating Zendaya to be lining up to go see this movie. So let’s speculate on some other reasons that Tom Holland could be going to see Challengers, apart from the fact that his girlfriend is in it.

• He wants to see if the boys kiss.
• He wants to show his support to fellow British person Josh O’Connor.
• He loves tennis!
• He’s studying how big of a threat Mike Faist is to his role in the upcoming Fred Astaire biopic.
• He has seen the incredible things Luca Guadagnino has done for other twinks and is ready for his turn.
• He’s really in the mood for a blue ICEE.
• Amy Pascal invited him.
• He heard there was a Spider-Man reference in it.
• He’s absolutely obsessed with New Rochelle, NY and would watch any movie set there.
• He’s excited to see big ol’ ears represented on screen.
• He’s an AMC Stubs A-List member.
• Churro kink.

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