83+ Vital Affiliate Marketing Statistics (2024 Updated Data)


Key Affiliate Marketing Statistics

Key Affiliate Marketing Statistics

  1. Affiliate marketing hit $8.2 billion in the United States at the close of 2023. 
  2. From 2016 to the end of 2017, up to 46% of marketers rated affiliate marketing as good or superb. 
  3. Checking out more than one affiliate website before a purchase is a norm for 74% of shoppers in the United States
  4. The value of affiliate marketing for a couple of years has not gone below $12 billion in a year.  
  5. The number of Google search traffic on affiliate marketing at the end of 2020 had risen by 44%.
  6. Contents posted by affiliates grew at a fast rate from 2019 to the end of 2020.

Affiliate Marketing Statistics Based on Demographics

Affiliate Marketing Statistics Based on Demographics

1. The United States, With 4.25% of the Global Population, has 64% of Affiliate Marketing Activities to its Credit.

The United States has the largest affiliate marketers, with 4.25% of the global number. This means that 64% of affiliates live in the US. Canada comes before Australia, and New Zealand is in fourth place. 

2. The United Kingdom, With Just 0.87% of the Earth’s Population, is a Big Spender on 5% Affiliate Marketing.

Up to 5% of spending on affiliate marketing takes place in the United Kingdom, which has only 0.85% of the population

3. Those Within 25 to 54 Years of Age Are the Largest Audience of Affiliates Across the Globe.

Those between 25 and 54 will most likely listen to what an affiliate offers. These persons are indeed the best viewers for marketing any product you have. 

Affiliate links were of great help to 37% of people who made their first online purchase in 2020. 

5. Male Folks Make Up the Majority of Affiliate Marketers, With 54.23%.

The largest number of affiliates are males, 54.23%. This shows that men are more actively involved in online marketing than women.  

6. To a Good Extent, Females are Active Digital Marketers, With 42.97%.

Women take part in 42.97% of the activities in affiliate marketing across the world. 

7. The Seventh Most Desired Skill Marketing Firms Seek is Affiliate Marketing.

Most marketing firms seek affiliate marketing skills. It is the seventh skill that HR looks for when hiring a marketer.

8. Affiliate Marketers Between the Ages of 35 and 44 Comprise 31.86% of the General Number.

Those within the age bracket of 35 to 44 take as much as 31.86% of affiliates worldwide. 

9. Just 5% of Affiliates at the Close of 2016 Were Between 18 and 24.

Affiliates between 18 and 24 account for just 5% of the total affiliates.

10. India Was One Country in 2020 With the Highest Hunts for Affiliates.

In 2020, India had the largest number of searches for affiliate marketing worldwide, followed by the United States in that same period.  

11. Affiliate Marketers Living in India Account for 1.85% of the World Number.

Indian affiliates account for just 1.85% of the global total, which shows that only a fraction of Indians participate in digital marketing.

12. Canada has its Fair Share of the Total Number of World Affiliates, With 9.71%.

Affiliate marketers living in Canada make up 9.71% of the global number

13. The United States Actively Participates in Affiliate Marketing by 57.44%.

The United States has the largest number of affiliates, with 57.44%, making it the highest-ranked nation in affiliate marketing. 

14. Young Adults Between 18 and 24 Years Make Up a 5% Chunk of Affiliate Marketers.

Those who are between 18 and 24 make up just 5% of affiliate marketers spread across the globe. 

15. The Married Ones Comprise 55.32% of the Total Associates.

The comfort and flexibility of affiliate marketing have sparked the interest of 55.32% of married people. Everyone loves a good paycheck with work litheness, which is the attractive force of affiliate marketing.

16. Singles, With 33.67%, Make Up Just a Third of Affiliate Marketers Worldwide.

The unmarried ones do not participate much in affiliate marketing at just 33.67%. This only shows that the larger percentage are those within the confines of marriage.

Industry Marketing Statistics

Industry Marketing Statistics

17. Up to 40% of Salespersons See Affiliate Marketing as a Good Way to Kill Boredom.

Up to 40% of marketers feel that affiliate marketing is a nice way to start earning for anyone without a job. 

Affiliates’ links account for as high as 16% of all online sales, which shows that they help drive traffic and sales to businesses. 

19. Groupon has Stood the Test of Time to be one of the Success Stories in Performance Marketing.

The company was able to pull through its trying period in 2019 with the help of affiliate marketing. This effort paid off well, as it now owns the biggest IPO after Google. This goes to show the power of discounts and the benefits that come from using affiliates.

20. The Idea That an Affiliate can Promote Between 1 and 10 Products is Upheld by 42.17%.

This idea keeps up with Jason Stone’s amazing market share due to affiliates in 2017. The amazing results prompt 42.17% to maintain 1 to 10 promotions simultaneously. They opt to focus on marketing tools for a few products. This is not the case for 23.18% of marketers who promote 11 to as many as 20 products.

Another 14.19% offer services to at least 21 products but not more than 50. A lower percentage, 7.53%, can promote up to 300 products and more. The difference in the number of promotions is a product of the volume of money a person needs. This is simply a state of promoting more products for higher commissions. Kindly know that those promoting 1 to 10 products are likelier to be the best in a niche. 

21. With the Right Help, Affiliate Marketers Can Find Their Way Around Avoiding Ad Blocks.

Publishers, otherwise known as creators and distributors of content, can help content promoters avoid ad blocks. Their efforts will greatly help as affiliate marketing relies so much on posting on platforms. These ad blockers hinder the success of marketing campaigns.

Creating good video content is one main driver of traffic for any affiliate marketer. This area has placed YouTube in good standing like other sites. Spreading the word about products and services using victuals produces amazing results everywhere. Affiliate links are present in just 0.67% of videos showcased on YouTube, making the channel a viable ground for anyone who wants to advertise products and raise traffic sales. 

23. Spending on Affiliate Marketing in the United Kingdom Rose to Hit $67 Million at the End of 2017.

Every dollar spent by British firms yielded $16 throughout 2017. This caused mobile promotion marketing to rise to 49% in a year. British companies spent $670 million on affiliate marketing that same year. This move resulted in sales shooting up to reach $10.8 billion.

24. A Social Network Allows 74% of People to Make Buying Decisions Comfortably.

74% of social media users decide what to buy solely based on what they hear from influencers. To these, whatever they hear or see displayed by a couple of influencers is the right choice. Up to 40% hang on to the tweets shown, while 49% rely on the inviting words of influencersAbout 75% of marketers say they keep aside money for promotional marketing. 

25. Affiliate Marketing is a Tool 79% of Marketing Companies Use to Pull in Revenue.

Affiliate marketing is a powerful tool. About 79% of vendors confess having better revenue and conversions when using affiliates. 

26. Last-click Attribution is a Model 61% of Affiliates in Australia Use.

Many affiliate marketers (61%) use the last-click model. The former, the first click, is only used by 13% of Australian affiliates.

Top Niches Promoted by Affiliate Marketers

27. Fashion is an Area That Attracts the Attention of the Highest Number of Affiliates.

With 23.37%, fashion is today’s most rushed-after category in affiliate marketing. Some other sectors sharing the spotlight are outdoors and sports, with 18.16%, beauty at 13.81%, and travel at 10.74%. Fifth place goes to gardens and homes, with only 8.7%.

28. One of the Least in the Circle of Affiliate Marketing is the Art, With 1.1%.

Art, in every sense of the word, is not so popular in affiliate marketing. Only a fraction, as low as 1.1%, of promoters participate in projecting art pieces.

29. The Telecom and Media Areas Raise 24% of All Revenue in Affiliate Marketing.

Two areas that have to its credit 24% of affiliate marketing returns are the media and telecom. This shows that the media and telecom are doable areas for affiliates.

Up to 3.6% of YouTube Science and technology videos have affiliate links. This high rate has further pushed innovations into the hands of many. These two areas are trending on YouTube searches all over the world.

Women’s fashion thrives on Pinterest, with affiliate links in 4.62% of posts. This makes it the site’s most widespread marketing topic.

32. Fashion Takes Up as Much as 25% of the Total Affiliate Campaigns.

Around 25% of affiliate programs on the web center on fashion. This category includes clothes, accessories, shoes, and so on.

33. Webhosting is a Great Way for a Newbie to Create Income Online.

Webhosting is a great means of earning for anyone willing to spend hours creating an online presence. Moreover, it is simplified so that newbies can find their way easily. You only need to coax people to buy products for your commissions. Isn’t that fun and way easier than doing all the customer support alongside marketing?

34. The Pandemic Affected Life Insurance, Making it One of the Fastest-rising Affiliate Products.

With the entry of the pandemic came the awareness to invest in life insurance. This new awakening caused it to rise beyond others at an amazing speed.

35. Software Commissions are Among the Best in Affiliate Marketing, With 30% Off All Sales.

You can earn a 30% commission on every software sale as an affiliate marketer. This commission is one of the best you can earn as a promotional marketer.

36. Travel Affiliates Earn Between 1% and 3% for Each Successful Sale Deal.

Every completed sale in the travel segment attracts between 1% and 3% as an affiliate marketer.

37. Affiliate Marketers Earn Between 3% and 12% for an Accommodation Sales Deal.

You earn between 3 and 12% when you successfully close an accommodation deal.

Affiliate Marketers Means of Payments

Marketers Means of Payments

38. The Cost Per Acquisition, or CPA, has been Proven the Best Payment Method.

It operates so that the latest referring affiliate is handsomely paid a commission. This method has stood the test of time for over two decades. One great thing is that site owners can easily monetize their platforms.

39. Getting Payments Directly From Merchants is a Better Choice for 48.69% of Affiliates.

Up to 48.69% like to be paid directly by merchants to their local banks. This mode of payment is seamless for this segment, which doesn’t want to go through any hassle.

40. Payments Through PayPal are Welcome by 19% of Affiliates Worldwide.

PayPal is an international payment platform that serves 19% of all affiliate marketers

41. The Ideal Choice of Affiliate Payments for 2.69% is Using a Bitcoin Account.

A Bitcoin account of 2.69% is used to receive affiliate payments from merchants.

42. Just 31% of Sweden Merchants Made Use of Use Affiliates All Through 2020. 

A small fraction of just 31% in Sweden employs affiliates’ services to their business. Another 34% stated the use of pay-per-click in driving sales in the greater part of 2020.

43. Up to 80% of Trademarks Worldwide Actively Use Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is used by 80% of businesses spread all over the world. This explains the fast growth experienced by new brands hitting the market and the expansion of the old ones. 

44. The Number 1 Thing That 18.5% of Publishers Look Out for is Product-bearing.

Choosing the right affiliate program depends on how relevant a product is for 18.5% of publishers

45. Up to 76% of Publishers Feel That Affiliate Marketing has Helped Pump Money Into Their Websites.

For 76% of originators, monetizing a website is far easier now than it was in the past. 

46. Half the Number of Shoppers are in the Habit of Walking Into a Store With Digital Coupons.

50% of shoppers use digital coupons whenever they enter a store. These coupons give the average customer something to look forward to. 

47. Publishers Feel That AdSense Generates Less Revenue Than Affiliate Marketing.

The belief that using affiliates is better than AdSense is based on its better monetization system. Any publisher who wants to stay in vogue for a long time will opt for affiliate marketing. 

48. Creators on Instagram Can Now Earn Commissions When They Birth Sales.

The commission you receive on Instagram comes from the volume of sales made for a brand. Your commission rate is shown on the app. Most brands on Instagram will send in their payments within 30 and 90 days.

49. Apple has to Credit its Performance Partner Program, Which is Up and Running for Affiliates.

You need only link your app or site to the service to benefit from the Apple affiliate program. Affiliates on this platform earn commissions on eligible Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple News, and Apple TV+ membershipsYou also get to make some cool cash from TV shows, audiobooks, movies, books, and lots more. What an exciting way of earning in multiple ways with little or no stress.

Affiliate Marketing Statistics in Covid 19 Pandemic

Affiliate Marketing in Covid 19 Pandemic

50. Affiliates had a 20% Fall in the Volume of Ad Revenue They Made During the Pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a fallout for affiliates, as they could not make as much. Up to 20% of earnings from ads were lost during 2020.

51. Because of COVID-19, Amazon Had No Choice But to Postpone its Affiliate Program to a Later Date.

The pandemic affected what was supposed to be Amazon’s day of digital success. Its affiliated marketing program had no choice but to be shifted to a later date than proposed.

52. There Was a Slash in the Pay Rates of Affiliates on Amazon During the Pandemic.

Amazon slashed affiliate commissions in 2020 while the world was locked down. This move made content creators aware that they needed to look for other sources of income. Those who earned a commission rate of 5% had to make do with 1% as affiliate marketers on Amazon.

53. Over 100 Affiliate Travel Networks Decided to Cut Down Commissions.

Affiliates’ earnings were affected as over 100 travel networks slashed commissions. This was a trying period for many who had no other source of income.

54. A Couple of Affiliate Programs Cut Affiliate Commissions by 70% During the Pandemic.

It was a rough period for affiliates, as some sites slashed the commission rate by 70%, leaving them with just 30% of the previous payout.

55. Over 50% of Affiliates Were Working From the Comfort of Their Home Before the Kickoff of the Pandemic.

Working from home was a norm for only 55% of digital marketers before Covid 19. This means that a good number worked as marketers in corporate offices.

56. Fraud Within the Affiliate Marketing Circle Cost as Much as $1.4 Billion at the Close of 2020.

Fraud has crept into affiliate marketing like every other area of human life. The techniques employed keep getting better over the years. However, cases of crooked affiliates who seek ways of taking credit for the sales of others are on the rise. This is a cause of concern as it thwarts the efforts of real affiliates.

57. Fraud Activities Within the Industry Worldwide are Likely Around 9%.

Almost every platform has some form of fraudulent practice by affiliate marketers, bringing the total percentage worldwide to around 9%.

58. The Cost of Fraud to Merchants was Expected to be About $100 Billion at the End of 2023.

Merchants were likely to spend as much as $100 billion in solving cases of fraud when 2023 came to an end.

59. Up to 39.1% of Affiliate Marketers on Amazon Were Involved in Fraud in 2017.

Amazon was not spared from the evil activities of affiliate market fraudsters. It is thought to have a record of 39.1% at the close of 2017.

60. One in Every Four App Installations Promises of Affiliate Marketing is Not Real.

Fake promises are flying over the web, with 1 in every four apps promising affiliate commissions. These commissions for affiliate marketing are most of the time not met by the apps.

61. The Most Common Way This Affiliate Scam is Carried Out is by Using Click Fraud.

As many as 14% of all frauds in the industry result from click fraud.

62. Loan Companies Lose a Lot of Money When They Pay a Fake Customer.

This loss comes from accepting budding loans from non-existing customers to pay a marketer.

63. One Common Scam Faced by a Good Number of Affiliate Programs is Typosquatting.

Typosquatting has slowly crept into affiliate marketing, causing many to lose the worth of their efforts.

64. Bot Traffic Accounts for 40% of All Clicks Shown on Sites.

Up to 40% of all clicks are said to be bots, as they bear the same IP address. They are sometimes done at odd hours of the day, which brings suspicion.

Affiliate Marketing Revenue Statistics

AM Revenue Statistics

65. As Many as 73% of Merchants Earn by Setting Up Affiliate Programs.

The affiliate marketing programs set up by 73% of merchants are successful. These merchants can realize good revenue through great affiliate marketing ideas. 

66. As High as 60% of Merchants in the United States Said They Earned $5 Million.

Affiliate programs raised as much as $5 million for as many as 60% of merchants in 2021.

67. In the United States, 9% of Affiliates Were Expected to Earn Over $50,000 by the End of 2021.

Affiliate marketers in the United States most likely earned $50,000 at the close of 2021.

68. The Man Jason Stone Was Paid Over $7 Million From Just Affiliate Marketing in 2019 Alone.

2019 was great for Jason Stone, who earned over $7 million from affiliate marketing.

69. The Efforts of 35% of Affiliates Paid Off Nicely, With Over $20,000 as Commission in 2019.   

Over $20,000 was paid to 35% of working affiliates in 2019 alone.

70. The YouTube Channel of Lawrence Systems Produces a High Monthly Affiliate Payout of $2500.

Being an affiliate marketer on YouTube has raised the lifestyle of Lawrence Systems. He receives a whopping sum of $2500 each month from just affiliate marketing. 

71. Some Affiliates Get Paid $1000 for Each Sale on Certain Programs.

A couple of programs are great places to work as an affiliate marketer. They pay affiliates as much as $1000 for every completed sale.

72. Promotional Marketing is a Means of Survival for 34% of Publishers Who do not Have More Than 5,000 Site Visits.

Some publishers get into affiliate marketing to pay their bills. These publishers usually have fewer than 5,000 visits to their websites.

73. Being an Affiliate Marketer is a Second Side Hustle for Most Digital Publishers.

Many online publishers take up affiliate marketing to meet their money needs.

74. Cashback and Loyalty Campaigns as Far Back as 2018 Account for 43% of United States Affiliate Conversions.

Up to 43% of affiliate conversions throughout the United States can be traced back to 2018 cashback and loyalty programs.

75. Blogging Creates the Highest Traffic for Commission Sales Over Other Methods.

A blog is a great way to raise conversion over other content creation.

76. Affiliate Marketing has Risen to Raise Revenue for 40% of United States Merchants.

One major way 40% of merchants in the United States raise business revenue is through affiliate marketing. It has brought a whole new face to businesses spread all over the country.

77. Affiliate Marketing Conversion Rate Lies Between 0.5% and, At Most, 1%.

The conversion rate of affiliate marketing is between an average of 0.5% to not more than 1%.

78. Money Starts Rolling Into the Hands of an Average Affiliate Marketer After Six Months of Content Creation.

The average content creator doubling as an affiliate marketer starts getting paid after six months. 

79. Some Platforms Pay Their eBook Affiliate Marketers as Much as 70%.

Selling eBooks attracts good commissions, as high as 70% on some platforms.

Affiliate Marketing Growth Statistics

Growth Statistics

80. Up to 32% of Businesses in the United Kingdom Considered Increasing Their Budget for Affiliate Marketing.

Brands in the United Kingdom gave serious thought in 2018 to raise the finance bar on affiliate marketing. 

81. The Japanese Affiliate Market Size Was Set to be About 385 Billion Yen at the Close of 2022.

The affiliate market in Japan rose in 2022 due to e-commerce and online awareness growth. That same year, it reached nearly 385 billion yen of Japanese currency

82. Businesses in Thailand Within the First Half of the Year Spent 87.5% of What was Spent in 2019.

Brands spent 87.5% on affiliate marketing in just the first half 2020.

83. The Amount of Money Spent in Japan on Affiliate Marketing has Tripled in the Past Ten Years.

There has been a great increase in the amount of money pumped in by brands into affiliate marketing. 

84. A Brand’s Revenue Can Shoot Up by 30% Due to Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing can increase any brand’s revenue by 30%.


The business world has passed the stage of posting random adverts on the streets. We are at a time when sponsored adverts get viewers’ attention. This is where affiliate marketers come into good use. Affiliate marketers drive traffic to platforms and websites and earn commissions. Brands feel satisfied, and affiliates smile at the bank. Many businesses are set to increase their affiliate marketing budgets, so do not be left out.


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