Anthony Edwards Is Excited ‘Let KD Know I Sent Him Home’


Anthony Edwards led the Minnesota Timberwolves to their first playoff series win in two decades on Sunday night, as the 22-year-old superstar erupted for 40 points in Game 4 in Phoenix to polish off a sweep of the Suns.

He had 31 of those points in the second half, as he helped will his team to a comeback win despite a monster night from Devin Booker (49 points) and Kevin Durant (33 points) on the other side. Edwards performance in this series was nothing short of spectacular, and he made a clear statement that his time is now by dispatching the Suns and one of his idols, Kevin Durant, in the process.

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After the game, Durant and Edwards shared an embrace and some words, with KD offering him his respect and some well wishes as Edwards looks to lead the Wolves on a deep playoff run. In his postgame interview with the Inside the NBA crew, Edwards got asked by Kenny Smith about what beating KD means to him, and while Edwards made sure to lead with how much respect he has for KD, he also said he’ll have plenty of trash talk for him this summer when they’re on Team USA together.

It’s a delightful answer from Ant, who relished the chance to talk some trash to his favorite player in this series, and Durant couldn’t help but enjoy it himself. Edwards is clearly part of the next generation of superstars in the NBA, and this series certainly had the feeling of a changing of the guard. KD might not be ready to fully cede his spot, but he’ll have to hear about this one all summer in Paris from Ant.

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