Austrian Zelda-like Dungeons of Hinterberg gets release date


Dungeons of Hinterberg, the Austrian Zelda-like adventure, finally has a release date.

As announced at tonight’s ID@Xbox showcase, it’s set for release on 18th July on Xbox Series X/S and Steam, including a day one release on Game Pass.

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Dungeons of Hinterberg is the debut game from Austrian studio Microbird, pairing action-RPG and dungeon exploration with a social sim set in the Alps.

Dungeons of Hinterbeg – Launching July 18th!Watch on YouTube

The game is immediately arresting for its bright and graphic comic book visuals but, as I found out at Gamescom last year, the dungeon crawling gameplay is very well done.

Dungeons involve a mixture of combat and puzzle-solving using special abilities, bombs and more. Think Zelda but set in modern day, with some relationship building on top.

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Eurogamer’s Chris Tapsell fell in love with the game at Summer Games Fest last year and once again played it at GDC last month.

“But the real stars are Hinterberg’s cast of affably rosy-nosed locals, who chatter away whether it’s to politely redirect you from a currently-closed gondola to a late-game location, or to talk in-depth about the strange phenomena they’re studying, or ways you can more effectively chat people up at the town’s apr├ęs bar,” he wrote. “This game plays like a dream vacation – it’s a delight.”

This is definitely one to look out for then!

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