ConVRgence is a new Early Access VR survival shooter that asks ‘What if Tarkov gave you a dog?’


I didn’t realise this while I was recording the video, but this week’s VR Corner subject, ConVRgence was made by the same developer as another game that I previously featured in my Corner, Paradox of Hope.

‘Monkey-With-a-Bomb’, as the solo studio is called, released Paradox of Hope in Early Access exactly two years ago this week and, while it was only a slice of the full experience, its Metro-inspired gameplay was obvious to see. So obvious in fact that Metro rights-owner PLAION (aka Embracer) slapped the developer with a take down order, presumably due to the upcoming release of the VR exclusive spin-off, Metro Awakening.

ConVRgence then is a clean slate for Monkey-With-a-Bomb and it is a game that, despite being set in a similar post-apocalyptic world to Metro, is now unique enough to not warrant a slap on the wrist from some angry men in suits. In this week’s VR Corner, you can watch me try out the first hour of the game, which focuses on proceedural, single-player extraction shooter gameplay, mixed with a heavy dose of realistic gunplay too.

As you’ll see from my video it’s a pretty fun first hour, although I do wonder how quickly that opening ‘garage’ area will become boring as it’s not exactly the most interesting of places to explore. Thankfully, to counter this, ConVRgence also features a lovable canine companion who you can scratch behind the ears, play fetch with and, most importantly, command to rip someone’s throat out with a single whistle.

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