HBO Dropping ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Season 1 Episodes On YouTube With Seasons 2-8 Coming Soon


HBO is releasing the entire first season of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on YouTube.

The premium cable network didn’t air a new episode of the weekly talk show on Sunday, April 28 but instead dropped all of Season 1 for viewers to watch for free.

“There’s no new episode this week! But we still have current events. From 10 years ago. This Sunday we’ll be dropping all of season 1 for free on YouTube!” read a post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “Seasons 2-8 to come, whenever we don’t have a new episode. Trust us, some of this is still completely relevant. Some.”

A supercut of some of the best moments from the first season of Last Week Tonight followed, which you can see below.

In years past, Last Week Tonight was made available on YouTube the following day but starting with its current Season 11, HBO opted to delay its release on social media platforms.

“HBO has decided they’re going to wait until Thursday to post them to YouTube from now on,” Oliver wrote on X earlier this year. “I hope they change their mind, but until then, you can see our piece about the Supreme Court on HBO, on MAX, and on YouTube in a few days.”

The network decided to delay the release of the episodes to boost viewership on Max, with a spokesperson for HBO saying in a statement, “When Last Week Tonight with John Oliver premiered on HBO, the convenience of watching on Max did not exist so YouTube allowed flexible viewing for the main story as well as promotional exposure. We are now delaying that availability and hope those fans choose to watch the entire show on Max.”

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