‘Mufasa’ Trailer Stars Beyoncé, Blue Ivy: Cast, Release Date


On thing about Blue Ivy Carter: She will keep a job! This time, the tween will make her film debut in Barry Jenkins’s Mufasa, a live-action prequel of Disney’s The Lion King. The talent manager, Grammy winner, and backup dancer stars alongside her client, Beyoncé, who played Nala in the previous film. As for the film itself, well, the trailer gives us another look at CGI creatures, as if we didn’t get our fill of uncanny, expressionless lions and eerily realistic giraffes back when the first movie came out. We see a small pride of lions and a mandrill moseying around a snowy mountain peak far above the clouds, before the scenery changes to the savannah. “A lion was born without a drop of nobility in his blood,” says the narrator. “A lion who would change our lives forever.” Familiar scenarios follow. There are two little cubs hopping on the backs of hippos, a violent stampede, and a gathering of the Pride Lands citizens. “Destiny awaits you,” the narrator promises. The destiny being Blue Ivy’s EGOT, probably. Mufasa roars into theaters December 20.

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