The Wars That Divide Washington


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer set off a fierce debate in Washington on Thursday after criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and calling for Israel to hold new elections to replace him.

In Russia, where the presidential election is being held this weekend, Vladimir Putin is on track to win a fifth term, as he continues his war against Ukraine. The U.S. will send a small military aid package to Ukraine, the first in months, but the larger $60 billion aid package remains stalled in Congress.

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Meanwhile, President Biden is campaigning in key battleground states, while Donald Trump, his Republican rival, contends with developments in his various legal battles.

Joining guest moderator and White House Correspondent at PBS NewsHour, Laura Barrón-López, to discuss this and more are Zolan Kanno-Youngs, white house correspondent for The New York Times; Jim Scuitto, anchor and chief national-security analyst at CNN; and Scott MacFarlane, congressional correspondent for CBS News.

Watch the full episode and read the transcript here.

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