This Is BANANAS! Pro-Hamas Protesters A-Peel to UCLA to Ban Assault Fruits and LOL – Twitchy


This may be the funniest Hamas sympathizer campus protest moment yet, and the responses are hilarious!

A protestor at the UCLA ‘liberated zone’ (smelly left-wing protesters squatting on campus grounds against the rules) apparently has a ‘potentially fatal banana allergy’. We’re, of course, expected to believe this person lives in abject terror of bananas, avoiding the cafeteria, hoping one doesn’t spring from the shadows like a curvaceous assassin.

They posted signs around Camp Nitwit alerting people to keep the fatal fruit away. Counterprotesters, amused by the sheer stupidity and entitlement of these people, returned with bunches of the golden fruit.

‘The next day they came back waving bananas like settlers waving machine guns’.


That is a sentence that a grown woman actually wrote and sent out into the world for others to read.

The encampment was overflowing with fruits well before the bananas arrived on the scene.

Many were concerned about this ‘vile’ act.

Why won’t UCLA enforce a nonexistent rule against bananas to placate the cretins who are breaking UCLA’s rules against overnight camping?

The sheer audacity of these folks. They are truly some of the dumbest people on the planet.

They reported it to UCLA. LOL!

Imagine intentionally breaking UCLA’s rules to attempt to bully people into complying with your Hamas-friendly political positions while also being such entitled narcissists that you expect UCLA to implement a banana ban on campus to protect your rule-breaking.



When their rules are applied to them, they cry. They believe everyone else should answer to their every whim.

If UCLA was smart, they’d make them split as soon as possible.

As you might have guessed, the people of Twitter/X blasted the banana-fearing freeloaders.


We’d advise against concealed carry. They get mushy.

From our cold dead hands!

Banana clip. Nice.

Somebody had to do it.

Imagine being outside in the open air and thinking other people shouldn’t have bananas that are never going to touch you. There were no reports of protesters being force-fed bananas.

These people were never told ‘no’ by their parents.

We need common sense banana control now!

The pro-Israel protesters need to start blasting banana-themed songs when they’re trying to sleep.

We’re not sure how these people think they’re going to achieve anything when they can’t even deal with bananacide.


The memes and jokes keep rolling in. There are way too many to list here, so you’ll need to go look for yourselves.

It’s hilarious.

‘There is only one solution … intifada revol … BANANAAAAAAAA!!!!’

Incoming! LOL.

Nice. We see what you did there.


That’s disturbing … but funny.

This is one of the funniest things we’ve seen in a while on Twitter/X.

Seriously, waving bananas at an encampment of numbnuts is peaceful protest.

Get over yourselves.

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