Solana Labs Launches Bond, A New Blockchain Customer Loyalty Platform


The entity behind the Solana blockchain, Solana Labs, is moving to attract more non-crypto brands to the Web3 space. The company recently rolled out Bond, a new blockchain customer loyalty platform, to assist several brands in driving long-term loyalty. 

This new platform inculcates several features, including luxury goods authentication, digital passports for products, digital collectables, and more.

Solana Labs Launches a New Blockchain-Based Platform

Solana Labs officially launched the new blockchain-based customer loyalty platform, Bond, on June 12. It made the announcement on its official X account. Bond aims to aid brands in creating long-term loyalty without any direct engagement in crypto.

Further, Solana Labs highlighted the new platform’s scope of operations. It explained that Bond will utilize blockchain technology to develop transparent, engaging, and personalized digital experiences for brands.

Additionally, Solana Labs loaded the platform with several functionalities, such as support for issuing digital collectables via minting specific NFTs by brand campaigns. 

The platform will also ensure the authentication of digital products on the blockchain to prevent fake products. Further, Bond will allow brands to issue digital product passports (DPP) to improve customers’ understanding of such products. 

DPPs use blockchain technology to create immutable and secure data about products. Usually, the details of DDPs include raw materials for production, manufacturing processes, product origin, transportation, and even ownership transfers.

Moreover, the blockchain-based platform will tackle some critical limitations present in some existing loyalty programs. Some issues include losing connection with end customers when products are gifted or resold. 

Uniqueness of Bond From Other Solana-Based Projects

Bond is unique from other developments and innovations in the Solana ecosystem, such as Solana Mobile. This is mainly because the platform does not revolve around crypto assets, although it’s blockchain-based.  

Also, Solana reassured the public that brands can engage on Bond without any blockchain experience. The firm emphasized that the platform is accessible via a single application programming interface. 

Solana Labs mentioned that Bond is “a seamless user experience where customers won’t even realize it’s Web3.” Due to Bond’s functionality in issuing digital collectables, Solana highlighted that it would increase customers’ value through repeated engagement. 

Additionally, the company noted that Bond will attract a new generation of customers from Solana’s vibrant community and beyond. It mentioned that the platform will gain more purchasing power from Millennials and Gen Z.  

Besides Bond, Solana parades a fleet of other projects and prevalent meme coins that boost its stance in the market. Some of the projects include Dogwifhat (WIF), Popcat (POPCAT), Bonk (BONK), Myro (MYRO), and others.

Moreover, the blockchain has recorded an increased institutional interest following the launch of PayPal’s stablecoin, PYUSD, on the blockchain. Notably, using PYUSD scaled up cost efficiency in small purchases for users.

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